Duniya Studio

Daytime Belly Dance for Seniors in Orleans

You’ve always wanted to try it – now is your chance!

Tailored to ages 50 plus, this class offers an introduction to Bellydance, also known as Oriental dance, Raqs Sharqi, or Middle-Eastern dance. Explore fluidity, grace, and strength through this ancient form. The fundamentals of posture, isolations, steps and accents of belly dance will be featured in this low-impact class that is suitable for all abilities, ages, and genders. We may also incorporate some finger cymbals or veils in the class if there is interest/

Signing-up in the Duniya portal will put you on the class list to receive updates from the teacher.

Registration for this class is through the Hobbs Centre. The (very reasonable and heavily discounted!) cost is $3.00 per class for Hobbs members and $5.00 per class for non-members. See the Hobbs Centre website for details about becoming a Hobbs club member. To register in advance, please contact Marjorie Ashworth at margie.ashworth@gmail.com or just show up a few minutes early with cash to pay for the class!

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