Duniya Studio


Cathy began her Egyptian dance training with Denise Enan, the world-renowned master instructor of Egyptian dance and perform principal dancer of Egypt’s National Folkloric Troupe, in 1977. She went on to perform professionally as a Oriental dance soloist for many years in the Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto areas, and worked with many celebrated musicians including Chafic Hashim, Ousama Naja, and Hashim el Khayaat, to name a few, and popular singers Tony Hanna, Amin Himo, and Wadih Safi.

Cathy was a founding member of the Enan Egyptian Troupe and the professional Lebanese dance troupe, Banaat Sahara, in Ottawa before moving to the Middle East where she stayed for seven years. Living there gave her the opportunity to absorb the language and culture, and observe Lebanese music and dancing in its home country.

Since her return to Canada she has been performing and teaching both Egyptian and Lebanese Bellydance and folklore. Cathy has more than 40 years of performance and teaching experience. She also offers private and semi-private instruction through her home studio, Studio Phoenicia.

Cathy is also a dedicated fitness enthusiast and marathon runner. Contact Cathy directly at cathy@duniyastudio.com, connect with her on Facebook, or view her full CV of dance experience on LinkedIn. Cathy has been a valued member of the Duniya team since we opened in 2014.