Duniya Studio

Dance Classes

Duniya Studio offers dance classes online and at various locations around the Ottawa area. 

Detailed class descriptions and pricing information is available on the online student portal

Our current and upcoming sessions are:

  • Spring 2023 April 17 to June 15
    • In Orleans at Shenkman Centre (through the City of Ottawa) on Mondays at 7pm (level 1) and 8pm (level 2)
    • Online Wednesdays at 7pm and Thursdays at noon
    • In Kanata Thursdays at 6:15pm (intermediate) and 7:15pm (advanced)
  • Summer 2023 July 10 to August 31 (TBC)
  • Fall 2023 September 19 to December 7 (TBC)

Registration for  online and Kanata classes, and purchase of drop-in packages is done through our student portal.

Registration for Orleans classes at Shenkman Centre are done through the City of Ottawa

If you have any difficulty, contact us and we’ll get it all sorted out for you!

Calendar view of class times at Duniya Studio


If you have any trouble creating an account, logging in, or getting registered, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get everything set up for you.

Can’t commit to a regular weekly schedule? No problem! We have drop-in packages available

Want to work on something specific on your own timeline? We also offer private and semi-private lessons.