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Bamboutaya Article by Cathy in Fanoos Magazine

Cathy’s article entitled “Between the Desert and the Sea: Bambouti” was published in the September 2022 issue of Fanoos Magazine.

In the article, Cathy takes us through the history of the creation of the city of Port Said in the region of the Nile delta; showcasing the life, industry, song and dance before, during and after the building of the Suez Canal, and how this influenced the stage styles of the National Folkloric Troupe of Egypt (Firqa Koumeia) and Reda Troupe.

Cathy performing Bamboutaya on stage in Ottawa

We are the Bamboutaya
No one resembles us
We are the sea traders
Working in the Canal

Lyrics from Friends of Bamboute from the album of the same name – El Tanbura

Fanoos means “Lantern” in Arabic. Fanooz Magazine is an online quarterly magazine.

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