Duniya Studio


Taheya began her dance training at the age of three, and continued classical ballet with some modern and jazz training for 12 years, most notably with ballet instructor Maki Kabayama (former dancer of the National Ballet of Canada and instructor of international folkloric dance). In 2004, Taheya discovered Egyptian bellydance with internationally renowned Egyptian dance master instructor Denise Enan, and joined the Enan Egyptian Troupe that same year. Since then, she has continued her training with Denise, while taking various workshops with distinguished Bellydance teachers such as Luna, Aziza and Hadia.

In 2007, Taheya toured Egypt with Denise and members of the Ottawa-Gatineau Belly dance community to learn and experience the diverse cultures and traditions in dance (and in life) this country has to offer. While there, she met some of Egypt’s most renowned dancers, instructors and costume designers, and participated in a variety of dance performances. These experiences enriched Taheya’s passion and understanding of various Egyptian dance styles, including raqs sharqi (also known as “oriental dance” or “bellydance”) and many traditional folkloric styles.

Taheya taught Egyptian bellydance classes with a folkloric twist at various studios in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. In addition to performing with the Enan Troupe, she performed as a Bellydance soloist and with Egyptian and Lebanese dance colleagues at weddings and other special occasions. Taheya was a valued member of the Duniya team from 2014 to 2016.

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