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Aletta Maslova has performed in Russia (former Soviet Union) since the age of three and has won top prizes at international children’s competitions since the age of four. By the age of 16 she completed her studies at the State Center of Aesthetic Training in Russia and the Grace Dance Academy where she gained a massive knowledge of Classical Ballet, Ballroom Latin and Modern Dances and Belly dance and won the title of “Best Latin Performer” along with the 1st place in the regional “Fiebre Latina 2008” Dance Competition with her partner.

She earned a B.A. degree from the State Center of Aesthetic Training where she was voted “Best Student-Teacher of the State Center of Aesthetic Training” in 2010 by her colleagues and students, and “Best Choreographer of the Year” in 2013 by UNFPA. As a solo Belly dance performer Aletta won the title as “The most artistic performer” and became a finalist of the country-wide Belly Dance Extravaganza 2007.

Aletta actively took part in organizing the First National Choreography Open Festival in Turkmenistan and “Fiesta” dance competitions which were funded to support and promote young talents and supply an open stage for performers and choreographers and became the most expected events of the year in the region today. In 2009 Aletta became the main trainer and choreographer of the popular RitMix dance troupe which was awarded as “The best Dance Team” in 2011 and for “The best Dance Choreography” in 2012.

Aletta started her teaching experience in 2008 at Gymnasium high school in Russia, specializing in Liberal arts. Before moving to Canada in 2013 she was instructing fitness and dance group lessons for adults and children in the capital’s top fitness centers “Lotus Health Club” and “Pulse”. Since moving to Ottawa, Aletta offers group and private lessons for children and adults among with the choreography assistance in different dance styles like Ballroom Latin and Modern, Latin social and Belly dance. Aletta is happy with her hard work and believes that a talent, proper orientation in education, and motivation are the keys to a successful life and profession.

Aletta was a valued member of the Duniya team from 2016 to 2018

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