Upcoming Workshops

August 25-26 2018 Amalia Maksoud comes back to Ottawa!

A very exciting weekend full of variety.

Saturday makeup workshop to learn technique and colouring to make yourself look your most glamorous best on the stage and in photos; 5 hours of instruction and hands-on practice specifically targeted to Bellydance.

Follow this with an opportunity for a professional photoshoot with Elie Maksoud of Bellydance Empire. Nothing says "Serious Artist" like pro photos done with artistic direction and modern photography!

Sunday we dance! All technique to perfect your art; 2 hours arms technique in "a million and one arms", 2 hours shimmies technique in "turbo-shimmy". Take one or both.

but wait, there's more!! Mini-bazaar of dance items from Bellydance Empire and Duniya Studio - there's always time for shopping!!!


Early bird pricing before August 1

  • $50 one Sunday dance workshop – arms technique (2 hours; 11am-1pm) SOLD OUT
  • $50 one Sunday dance workshop – shimmies technique (2 hours; 2pm-4pm) SOLD OUT
  • $80 two Sunday dance workshops (4 hours) SOLD OUT
  • $150 package of both days all workshops only (no photoshoot) SOLD OUT
  • $190 package of both days all workshops with photoshoot (includes one photo) SOLD OUT
  • $90 Saturday makeup workshop only (5 hours; 11am-4pm) SOLD OUT

  • $60 Photo shoot only (30 minutes, allows time for multiple poses and costume change) Only 4 spots available!

Photoshoot (professional quality with editing and retouch included). Price per photo reduces when more photos are purchased:

  • one photo for $50;
  • 1 to 3 additional photos for $35 each;
  • 3 to 6 additional photos for $30 each;
  • 7 or more photos for $25 each.



Past Workshops

June 9-10 2018 Technique, Taxim and Drum Solo with Aziza

November 19 2017 Improvisation with Amalia Maksoud

October 22 2017 Oriental Dance Technique with Amalia Maksoud

September 24 2017 Movement Quality with Amalia Maksoud

September 9-10 2017 Intense Technique and Oriental Entrance with Aziza (and Aida Style Costume Trunk Show)

June 10-11 2017 Double Isis Wings and Sexy Back with Amalia Maksoud

November 19-20 2016 Finger Cymbals, Arabic Rhythms, Drum Solo and Choreography with Karim Nagi

April 24 2016 Golden Era Choreography with Aziza

March 6 2016 Sizzling Drum Solo Choreography with Aziza (with special guest Olga Aido of Aida Style Boutique)

July 4-5 2015 Saiidi Combos, Travelling and Technique, and Oriental Choreography with Aziza

January 31-February 1 2015 Technique and Drills, and Veil Choreography with Aziza

June 13-14 Advanced Oriental Dance with Aziza

May 31 2014 Finger Cymbals with Cathy

October 18 2014 Balancing Props with Jehane

September 20-21 2014 Travelling Transitions and Technique, and Drum Solo Choreography with Aziza

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