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About the Ottawa Souk Organizing Team

Lisa-Marie Serafin

Photo of Lisa-Marie by Jean-Francois Davignon

Lisa-Marie Serafin, owner of Poterie LM Serafin Pottery in Mayo. Lisa-Marie has been reading Tarot Cards at the bazaar since 2003.

photo of Sha'Vega by Tracey Vibert

photo of Sha'Vega by Tracey Vibert

Lisa-Marie Serafin is originally from Winnipeg and moved to West Quebec in 2002. She quickly found the belly dance community in Ottawa-Gatineau and began to get involved in the community within months of her arrival.

Lisa-Marie is no stranger to the stage. It wasn't dance that got her there, but music. She started performing her own songs at the age of 14 with her acoustic guitar and a few friends. By the time she was 18, she was performing as a solo act around Winnipeg. Music was her chosen career, and a tough business too. With modest success over the years, and many miles travelled touring with rock and roll, punk and country bands, Lisa-Marie made a full circle returning to her singer/songwriter roots in the early 90's by presenting all original material in her performances. She made many solo journeys in Canada and stateside to play at festivals, halls, bars and cafes, including the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN. For six months Lisa-Marie lived in Nashville playing every writers' night she could find and within two months of arriving made it on to the TNN show Country Today with Robb Weller (Entertainment Tonight). After receiving her well-rounded education in the business of Music Row, she went back to Canada and decided to demo all of her songs when her producer suggested she record an album instead. Lisa-Marie recorded an album in 1995 called Following Instinct. The CD got wonderful reviews, yet making a living at music had always been difficult, so after debating the pros and cons during her more than 20 years giving music a good go, she made the emotionally painful decision to move on to her 2nd and 3rd careers as a potter and a belly dance instructor.

When Lisa-Marie moved to West Quebec in 2002 she and her partner constructed a pottery workshop and gallery completing it in 2003. She now makes her living as a potter creating functional ware – stoneware pottery for everyday living – and makes music on the side. www.poterie.lmserafin.com/

Lisa-Marie started reading Tarot cards in 2003 at the Dancers' Bazaar that Halyma created and organized for many years. She has taken up residence in the corner of the Knight of Columbus hall in her Tarot Tent, the colourful circus-like tent she created in which to host readings. She has enjoyed helping people on their life path and giving them insight by reading the cards since 1987. Lisa-Marie has worked at small and large events, parties, and on JoJo's Psychic Alliance, which is how she raised a portion of the money needed to record that CD back in 1995.

Lisa-Marie started belly dancing in 1999 and was a very eager student. Dancing was a new thrill and with her music background she took to it easily. After studying intensely for 3 years in weekly classes and weekend belly dance workshops, Lisa-Marie began teaching in Winnipeg and when she arrived in West Quebec it didn't take her long to organize a beginner’s class. Eventually she started teaching in Ottawa at McNabb C.C., South Fallingbrook C.C., Hunt Club Riverside C.C., Sir Guy Carleton High School, as well as many introductory belly dance workshops and MED choreography workshops (drum solo, Turkish 9/8 rhythm, and with finger cymbals). Lisa-Marie continued to study by attending weekly classes as well as workshops in Ottawa, Gatineau, Kingston, Montreal, New York City and Winnipeg. She taught 7 classes weekly until June of 2010 when she decided to take a break from dance for a while and concentrate on her pottery business.

For the first time since 2010, Lisa-Marie will be teaching a fun choreography class at the Ottawa Souk on April 24 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Pre-registration for this class is recommended.

For more information email Lisa-Marie at LM@LMSerafin.com.


Jehane Khan

Photo of Jehane by Rob DuBroy

Jocelyne Jehane Khan, owner of Duniya Dance Studio has participated as a costume and accessories vendor since the very first year of the bazaar.

photio of Jocelyne by Howard Sandler

photo of Jocelyne by Howard Sandler

Jocelyne grew up in Ottawa and has been taking dance lessons of different styles since she was 5 years old. She became obsessed with Oriental dance in 1996. In 2002 she began teaching at the request of one of her teachers who needed a replacement after having broken her foot, and also joined the Enan Egyptian Troupe.

She is extremely grateful for the friends she has made through her involvement with the dance community, and enjoys participating in events organized by others and contributing by organizing her own events from time to time. In addition to her full-time day job with the Government of Canada, pursuing her MPA part-time, she also puts her planning skills to work organizing other events such as workshops with guest instructors, shows and halfat, the Ottawa-Gatineau Shimmy Mob, and is now collaborating with Lisa-Marie on the Ottawa Souk

In 2013 she opened Duniya Dance Studio, offering classes at various locations in the Ottawa area with teachers, Taheya and Cathy who were trained by Egyptian dance master Denise Enan. She hopes to expand Duniya studio in the future to offer cultural dances from other countries in addition to representing Oriental dance with a focus on a culturally-appropriate context and strong dance technique.

Whenever time allows, she loves to travel, having visited Egypt twice with the Enans, taught dance lessons on a Royal Caribbean cruse, as well as meandering about several other countries whenever the opportunity presents itself.


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